Ansel Adams Act

I have made no secret about my dislike of increasing government regulations regarding photographing in public places.  The is why I am glad a Congressman from Texas, Steve Stockman has taken some steps to protecting the rights of photographers by proposing the Ansel Adams Act. While this site is devoted to law enforcement topics, and we… Read More »

Cop Suspend for Being Part of Anti-Governement Group

It’s a little bit ironic that someone who works for the government, would join an antigovernment group and actively take part in one man protests against government activities.  But that is exactly what Officer Ericson Harrell of North Miami Beach Police Department did. This case is not your standard police misconduct case, this is just a… Read More »

Police Misconduct Reports

Moundsville, West Virginia: An officer was arrested for sex with a minor. He allegedly contacted the then-15-year-old girl on a social media site and met her at his residence. Stamford, Connecticut: An officer was arrested for breach of the peace after he allegedly put his wife in a headlock. Following his arrest, he checked-in to… Read More »

Police Misconduct Reports for January 2015

Pacific Grove, California: A now-former commander already convicted of extortion, fraud, and criminal threats pled guilty to fraudulently accepting dozens of firearms on behalf of the department. A police academy at which he had been an instructor closed its doors and its guns were to be liquidated. Instead, he consigned many of them to a… Read More »

Latest Police Misconduct Reports

Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, December 23, 2014: Update: Chatham County, Pennsylvania (First reported 03-07-14): A now-former deputy pled guilty to producing child pornography with a young boy. As part of the plea agreement, the charges related to distribution in interstate commerce were dropped. The deputy had met the… Read More »

Police Misconduct Reports for September

Tulsa, Oklahoma: A sheriff’s deputy, who has now resigned, is accused of sexually assaulting two women at home. He was being held on $65,000 bond for sexual assault and battery complaints. Update: McHenry County, Illinois (First reported 08-15-12): A 10-year veteran sheriff’s deputy, who once served on a child pornography task force, will spend the… Read More »

Latest Police Misconduct Reports

Here are the latest police misconduct reports as tracked by Atlanta, Georgia: A now-former police officer was indicted for allegedly beating a man so badly that the man suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Louisville, Kentucky: A police officer is being accused of shoplifting from an outdoors store. The officer faces charges of… Read More »

Chicago Police Commander Charged with Shoving Gun Down Man’s Throat

A popular Chicago Police Department Commander, Glenn Evans, was charged last week with shoving the barrel of his gun down a suspects throat. Evans a popular Commander within the department has 45 prior complaints against him for excessive force.  In this case Evans was charged with excessive force and official misconduct.  He was released without… Read More »